Our Company

About Us

Arkan Gulf for trading and contracting is considered as one of the best construction companies in Qatar in the fields of its specialization. It has always sought to develop, which allowed her the combination of quality and expertise as well as the development and use of the latest methods of technology.


Within the family of Arkan Company for trading and contracting, great efforts are furnished amongst the leadership and all employees who have proven competence and seriousness in order to reach the highest performance by the necessary training at intervals.

Arkan Gulf for trading and contracting is one of the companies specializing in the field of the Mechanic Business (Central air conditioning, and the Electrical work) with their networks.

Arkan was created so as to contribute to raising the efficiency of the installations in order to preserve the national wealth. And to achieve its aims, the company follows many policies such as:

Using materials and tasks corresponding to international standards.

Relying on trained engineers who have a practical experience in the specialization field.

Relying on technicians and skilled workers who are trained and provided with the necessary training at certain intervals.

Our History

Arkan for trading and contracting was established in Egypt, as Turbo Group Co. in the year 2005 with an expertise in Electro-Mechanical works. Since its inception, the company had recorded remarkable vertical growth in the field serving the building industry in entire Egypt.

Arkan Worked as a specialist Sub- Contractor for various Building Contractors Yard Storage and also undertaken and carried out major projects in Central Air conditioning, Ventilation, Electrical, plumbing works, Kitchen Extraction Systems, Compressed Air Piping System works.

As part of the expansion plan, Arkan has started its operations in Qatar in the year 2015. Since the foundation of the company.

Arkan has booked and executed prestigious government, Semi-Government, Private projects including KahraMaa, Supreme Education Council, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of AWQAF etc.