the management


We commit ourselves to following the well-established Code and standards practiced in Qatar to deliver projects ensuring world-class quality and reliability. We accomplish our goals through implementing innovative and reliable technology in the industry with competent employees strong on work ethic motivated by personal responsibility and trust. 

We are always conscious of safety, time management, quality, and environment in delivering the projects. 

The growth and profitability of our company are maintained through innovation, technical enhancement, and adaptability to our market in implementing the projects. 

We always ought to provide reliable and quality-oriented Building services in running the Facilities exceeding the client expectation through best management practices that make us one of the preferred engineering services providers.

Arkan has an executive management team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who come directly from the businesses they manage hence diversifying the company’s managerial approaches. They know the construction, they know the building and they know innovation.

Our leading technical expertise and strong financial position have enabled us to attract and retain the best local and regional talents, to tackle and complete the most ambitious projects.

Arkan for contracting management brings a wealth of senior experience in the construction industry.